Course We Offer

  • We organize yoga classes for IT professionals, women, kids, etc.
  • Yoga is a tailor-made process so we provide yoga course plans according to the needs of a person or a group.
  • Yoga includes a number of techniques and you must choose those which are useful to you and most suited for your individual needs. Different people need different techniques of yoga e.g. a software engineer, a housewife, a child, an athlete, a teacher, a student, a patient or an old person. This is so because their activities performed in daily life are quite different from one another. Yoga has so wide range of techniques that it can fulfill the needs of almost all people.
  • Everyone needs basic fitness of the body, calmness & peace of mind in daily routine. Anahat Yoga can fulfill all these needs irrespective of the type of work you do.
  • Yoga Basic Course (12 Sessions x 1 hour)
  • Pranayama Course (12 Sessions x 1 hour)
  • Meditation Course (12 Sessions x 1 hour)
  • Yoga for IT Professionals (12 Sessions x 1 hour)
  • Stress Management through Yoga

(Courses will be conducted with personal attention based on individuals requirements.)