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Anahat Yoga was established on 21st Dec 2005. Anahat Yoga offers a traditional way of yoga with modern techniques customized to the requirement of the person.

Meaning of Anahat

Anahat symbolizes continuity in life. Anahat also means an internal sound. It is another name of “OMkar". This word takes us towards spirit immortality & is another name for the heart. Anahat is the 4th “Chakra” in the human body which is situated in heart.

Welcome! to the world of Yoga.

Yoga means “to join together”. Yoga was bestowed by lord Shri Brahma several thousand years ago to ancient Hindu rishis in India(Bharata), who continued to transfer the yogic knowledge to their disciples.

Yoga is a very vast subject in itself and every part of yoga is necessary in everybody’s life. Yoga rejuvenates the mind, body and soul and hence one must know, understand and practise yoga in their daily life.