Shankhaprakshalana is one of the major hatha yoga practices, coming under the heading of dhauti kriya, it is also known as varisara dhauti. Dhauti refers to ‘internal washing’ and vari means ‘water’. Generally the term shankhaprakshalana is applied, shankha meaning ‘conch’, because of its resemblance to the stomach and intestines; prakshalana meaning ‘cleaning’.

Shankhaprakshalana is not just a practice concerning the stomach and intestines, but is a thorough cleansing technique. It creates a repair action which affects the lungs, nervous system, skin, sinus area, the whole body, continuing while the person follows the regime of special food and asanas. In this way we see the reduction of so many disease conditions, diabetes being the most notable, and a positive step in the direction of good health.

The benefit for the serious yogic practitioner is a lighter, more flexible, physical body. The various metabolic acids and chemical wastes causing stiffness, lethargy and heaviness such as lactic acid and uric acid are washed away. A clearer and more alert mind is experienced as with fasting, but without the irritating feeling of an empty stomach.

As intake of toxic substances must be curtailed, it is at this time that many people leave cigarettes, alcohol and other habits permanently. This is a time of revision where life changes direction, new food, new habits and the foundation for a positive fresh view of life are set.

Yogic Shuddhi Kriya


Deep colon cleaning (Digestive System)


  • Shankhaprakshalan is very effective for Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, High lipid, Obesity, Increase of cholesterol.
  • It strengthens the immune system, reduces excessive mucus and purifies the blood.
  • Useful for hyper Acidity indigestion, Gas Trouble, constipation.
  • Removes blockages from the Nadis and purifies all the Chakras.
  • The harmony of the five Pranas is restored and the energy level is raised.
  • Mentally, it calms the mind and prepares the way for higher states of consciousness.
  • Any sadhana performed after this cleansing practice gives manifold results.

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