Jala Neti removes mucus and pollution from the nasal passage and sinuses, allowing air to flow without obstruction.

  • It helps prevent and manage respiratory track diseases.
  • It helps to maintain good health of the ears, eyes and throat.
  • Jala Neti relieves muscular tension of the face and helps the practitioner to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance.
  • It has a calming and soothing influence on the brain.
  • It alleviates anxiety, anger and depression.
  • Removes drowsiness and make the head feel light and fresh.
  • Jala Neti stimulates the various nerve endings in the nose, improving the sense of smell and the overall health of the individual.
  • A balance is brought about between the right and left brain hemispheres, inducing a state of harmony and balance throughout the body and mind.
  • Most importantly, neti help to awaken Ajna chakra.