The Indian culture has defined rules and regulations in order to maintain human and social ethics .These regulation have proved to be fruitful and have enabled people to lead ¹ a satisfied and joyful life.
For an easy and systematic execution of these principles, the Indian culture has defined certain ‘Sanskaras’(Ceremonies) and has recommended for every human being.
These ‘Sanskaras’(Ceremonies)begin even before one’s birth and end after the death of an individual.
These ‘Sanskaras’(Ceremonies) are of extreme importance and they are mainly meant for purifying one’s life. Human being is subjected to a variety of changes, transition in one’s life is right from birth up to death. To facilitate these changes and to enable the human being to prepare him/herself physically and mentally for the same, these rites have helped significantly.
A specific rite has been prescribed designed for each change. This leads to a proper physical, mental and spiritual development of a person although a person actually takes birth after parturition.

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Clients being taught on 16 cultural ceremonies

It exists in the uterus in the antenatal period. In fact, it actually exits right from the time of fertilization. Hence, certain rituals can be performed for the qualitative enhancement of the various developments.
These rituals enlighten the human body in a similar way that to gem getting enlightened after its proper sculpting.
The ancient Indian Culture has stated about 40 ceremonies out of which 16 are considered to be important. Let us get introduced to them briefly.

YaaoDSa saMskar¹ saaoLa saMskar

Sixteen Cultural Ceremony


garaodr sHaIcao saMskar ¹ Ceremony During Pregnancy

1. gaBaa-Qaana ¹ Garbhadhan (Pregnancy after inter Course)

2. pusaMvana ¹ Pu-Sawan (Antinatan Care) (ANC)

3. saImantaonnayana           ¹        Simanttonayan (Antinatan Care) (ANC)

   navajaat baalakacao saMskar ¹ New born Ceremony

4. jaatkma- ¹ Jatakarma

5. naamaakrNa ¹ Namakarn ( Naming Ceremony)

6. inaYk`maNa À sauyaa-valaaokna ¹ Nishkraman (First sight Towards of  Sun Light)

   baalakacao saMskar      ¹ Growing Child’s Ceremony

7.Annap`aSana                 ¹      Anna Prashan

8. kNaa-vaoQa ¹ Karnavedha (ear Piercing)

9.AvdputI- À vaQaa-pna   ¹       Vardhapana (Birthday)

   kumaaracao saMskar ¹ Pre-teenager’s Ceremony

10.caaOlasaMskarÀcauDak`ma-ÀmauMDNasaMskarÀjaavaL kaZNao

           Mundana Sanskar (First time hair removing on head )

11.ivadyaarMBaÀ&anasaMskarÀAxararMBa ¹ Vidhyarambha (Introduction toeard word)

12.kiTsauHa               ¹      Katisutrebandhan

13.]pnayana                 ¹              Upanayana

   t$NaaMcao saMskar       ¹       Ceremony for youth

14.samaavat-na                ¹      Samavartan (Convocation)

15.ivavaah                     ¹       Vivaha (Marriage) maR%yau naMtr haoNaaro saMskar     ¹ Ceremony after death

16.AM%yaoYTI                     ¹       Antyshti (Funeral)