• The Seventh limb in the Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga Sutra (P.Y.S) has been defined as “A Continuous and unbroken flow of consciousness is verity the dhyana (meditation)” (P.Y.S. II:3).
  • Meditation brings one back to a creative, productive, fulfilling and a happy way of life.
  • An important thing in Meditation is to realize that “We are not material” – we are free from all Material things. This study takes us to real liberation and self-realization.
  • “Mind has a tendency to slip towards the past or future.” Why does our mind slip every time either in the past or future? It slips because of our desires and wants.
  • The flame of a candle flickers because of wind. Similarly, in our body our fancies and desires are like a flow of wind that disturbs the flame of our mind.
  • Attachment is not a problem but what you get attached to is the problem. Our mind is always attached to something: objects, things, family, job or other places are available to get attached. The right thing or place to get attached to is with God, the inner soul.
  • Attaching to the Ultimate is called Yoga; Meditation is a technique to get attached to the Ultimate.
  • Meditation is a natural and simple process but our life style and way of thinking affects our meditation. As a result, we face difficulties.
  • When we were born there was no single thought in our mind and the absence of thought is called meditation. Thus meditation is a very simple process.
  • How to concentrate is not the question but how to create interest for meditation is very important.

For example: If we like to watch a football match on television, we won’t be disturbed from any sound around us because we like the game. However, if we need to sit to study to prepare for any examination, we get carried away by the distracters very easily.

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Some Benefits of Meditation

  • Gaining inner peace, integrity and harmony.
  • Discovering a better and healthier life and living.
  • Immunizing one self from all kinds of psychosomatic disorders.
  • Getting total freedom, cure from hypertension, depression, migraine, anxiety, chronic body ache and psychological trauma.
  • Expediting the absolute joy, so that a deep sense of integration, tranquility and creative intelligence become a part of your life and living.
  • Everybody wants peace of mind and peace is within us; Meditation is the mean to achieve peace of mind.
  • Theoretically speaking, meditation teaches us the nature of our pain and unmet needs. It also tells us how we create these problems and it can show us the way to overcome them.
  • Meditation is not an escape from life but a process that enables us to be more involved in our lives by seeing how we are setting our own experiences.